September 6th 2018 | Milan – Italy | Sala Verdi Conservatory

This is how the Italian press echoed yesterday’s (6) concert in Milan, a fantastic performance by our Youth Orchestra of Bahia!

On the night of the second concert of the 2018 European Tour, something entirely unexpected happened from the start. The much awaited soloist, Martha Argerich, had a slight accident which impeded her from playing Schumann’s concerto in A minor for piano and orchestra.

Thus, a last minute substitution put maestro Ricardo Castro — who was supposed to direct the piece — as the new soloist. What could have been cause for defeat and resignation turned out being an incredible lesson of resilience and excellency, for our young orchestra ended up playing an extremely complicated piece without their conductor!

What happened next was breathtaking. Overwhelmed by what they had just experienced, the audience showered the musicians with applause, so much so that the maestro went out and back again the stage no less than 6 times!

The night was still to continue with a second half filled with North and South American compositions. The YOBA played Leonard Bernstein’s overture to West Side Story, Wellington Gomes’ Sonhos Percutidos and Arturo Marquez’ Danzón n° 2. As for the encore, it could not be otherwise, was Zequinha de Abreu’s Tico-Tico no Fubá, one of the most renowned brazilian sambas around the globe.

At the end of this trying night, the young orchestra left the stage under great ovation.

A great success it was indeed! And tomorrow there’s more!

Next stop: Montreux!


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