September 8th 2018 | Montreux – Switzerland | Auditorium Stravinski

On the 8th of September, with the orchestra already settled in Montreux, lunch was followed by a little rest and rehearsal, which was scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Auditorium Stravinsky, a great venue famous for holding concerts of many stars from very diverse genres such as jazz, classical, popular music, etc.

The rehearsal started with Schumann’s piano concerto, in the presence of the young Brazilian pianist Ronaldo Rolim, already acclaimed internationally. This is not the first time the young pianist collaborates with NEOJIBA. In fact, on the 21st of June, when he was in Salvador — hometown to the Youth Orchestra of Bahia — Ronaldo played Liszt concerto n° 1, conducted by Ligia Amadio.

During the rehearsal, Tobias Richter, Artistic Director of ‘Septembre Musical’ (Festival de musique classique Montreux-Vevey) since 2004, addressed the orchestra and expressed his joy in having the Youth Orchestra of Bahia once again in Montreux, where, in his own words, they already fill a space in everyone’s hearts.

The concert, in which the orchestra played — for the first time in this 2018 European Tour — complex pieces such as Schumann’s Genoveva Overture, Guarnieri’s Abertura Festiva, Revueltas’ Sensemaya and Ginastera’s Suite Estancia, was recorded by the Swiss national radio.

Ronaldo Rolim was lengthily applauded and, for an encore, played one of Liszt’s Petrarch sonnets.

After the interlude, Ricardo Castro addressed the crowded audience and explained the purpose of NEOJIBA, emphasizing that all musicians who integrate the project are also « multipliers » — that is, they also coordinate teaching activities.

He then thanked all instrument donations, a gesture we are very used to seeing ever since our orchestra first came to Montreux.

The last piece played was Arturo Marquez’s Danzón n° 2, which was performed without conductor and was received with a long lasting standing ovation! Still touched by the public’s reaction, the orchestra played Tico Tico no Fubá as an encore.


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