September 9th 2018 | Geneva – Switzerland | Victoria Hall

On the 9th of September, 30 members of the Youth Orchestra of Bahia went early in the morning to Geneva, to rehearse and play with the local children’s orchestra and youth orchestra, headed by Rada Hadjikostova-Schleuter and Tomas Hernandez respectively.

The concert took place around 11am at the Victoria Hall, a stunningly beautiful venue with perfect acoustics, having Eduardo Salazar and Tomas Hernandez as conductors.

By 3pm, the rest of the orchestra arrived in Geneva to rehearse for the main concert, which was to take place that night at 6pm. The performance started with Schumann’s piano concerto with Ricardo Castro as soloist and the orchestra ‘unconducted’! It was a great success.

Then, while the stage was being prepared for Dvorak’s New World Symphony, Ricardo addressed the audience to thank ASANBA — the Swiss association of friends of NEOJIBA — for having organized with so much care the Swiss part of the European Tour. Next, he explained the purpose of NEOJIBA and expressed his joy in being there, the city where he studied during his youth, with all our young musicians, besides of course the fact that they were playing in that magnificent concert hall.

Right after, Eduardo Salazar took over the lead and conducted a very intense New World Symphony, which amazed the audience to the edge of their seats. After a standing ovation, the orchestra responded with Tico Tico no Fubá for an encore.

Among the spectators one could find many friends of NEOJIBA such as Michel Bellavance (flautist), Gerard Métrailler (trumpeter), Laurent Gay (conductor), Philippe Dinkel (Head of Geneva’s Music School), Chiara Banchini (internationally renowned violinist, a reference in baroque music), Luiza Flores (conductor), Rainer Held (conductor), Yaiza Prieto (bassist) and many of the Geneva’s Music School students who have already been to Salvador for an internship with NEOJIBA.

After the concert, ASANBA offered dinner to all musicians at the Geneva’s restaurant boat, on the Lake Geneva, after what they returned to their hotel on the outskirts of Montreux.


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