September 14th 2018 | Verona – Italy | Teatro Filarmonico

On the 14th of September, the team checked out from the hotel in Verona and then had a rehearsal at the Teatro Filarmonico, where they had played on the 12th. The rehearsal was preceded by Ricardo’s speech, saying that the expectations for Paris were the highest possible and that they were extremely priviledged to be rehearsing and playing at the most prestigious concert halls of Europe.

By the end of the practice, Ricardo let the orchestra speak out their suggestions on how to improve the pieces where they play without conductor and many of them came out with ideas.

The last half hour of rehearsal was used by Castro to discuss with the young musicians the purpose of the European Tour, by which, extraordinarily, they who came from Bahia ended up playing at the most celebrated concert halls of Europe, with one of the best musicians of all time, featuring at the most prestigious festivals of Europe, with almost in every occasion all tickets quickly sold out!

Ricardo went on to explain that its purpose is 1) firstly, to show our musicians the beauty humans are capable of creating and maintaining, using the Teatro Filarmonico itself as an illustration of that; 2) second, to show our musicians that they too are capable of creating beautiful things as well as harmony in their own field of action; 3) third, to show them that, individually too, they can be positive examples of the previous statements just as NEOJIBA is collectively.

Ricardo also referred to his recent article for that month’s edition of Revista Concerto, inquiring the musicians if any of them had seen a « favela » (shanty town) in any of the towns they had been to during the tour, a theme which was also treated in the article.

After praticing and chatting, the orchestra took the bus and traveled back to Turin, where on the following day (15) they got on a train to Paris.


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